Aarthi Sampath

Aarthi SampathAarthi Sampath



New York, NY

Chef Aarthi Sampath’s foray into the culinary world began with an exploration of flavors found in the diverse kitchens of Taj hotels and interning in different restaurants in Mumbai , New Delhi , Chennai and Hyderabad for 5 years  .Her passion for cooking started in her parent’s kitchen as she perused through cookbooks of figures that seemed to be in a place she could never reach. 

Her curiosity for learning and exploring global cuisine brought her across the globe to America . 

She specialized in Baking and Pastry and Food Service management at the prestigious Johnson & Wales Culinary school in Rhode Island and started on her internship at the Michelin star Junoon in New York City . Rising up the ranks quickly , she was Executive Chef at American Gymkhana , an upscale Indian restaurant in Orlando . She came back as Chef De Cuisine for Junoon . Chef Sampath’s control over her vision and passion for Indian cooking has brought her into a number of unique spaces. In addition to leading the kitchen for one of Junoon’s expansion projects, Aarthi was honored to work with Chef Vikas Khanna on The “Billionaire’s Club Dinner” hosted by Prime Minister Modi at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. She has also worked with chefs at the James Beard Foundation, events at Huffington Post and a number of exclusive cooking festivals. 

Chef Sampath went on to win Chopped , A Food Network based culinary cooking competition , competed again on Chopped Masters . She Beat Iron Chef Bobby Flay on his Food Network game show, Beat Bobby Flay , the winning dish being the biryani . She also was on Fire Masters , A Canadian based show. 

She really pushed the envelope at the iconic Breslin under Chef April Bloomfield who mentored her with a deeper understanding of ingredients and techniques . She also ran a healthy food truck in Seattle that reached massive success . 

Sampath is also scheduled to make prominent television appearances globally in the upcoming year. She was also a chef at the prestigious Rainbow Room at the Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. She was Head Chef at Chinese Tuxedo , a modern high profile Asian restaurant in New York City. She is also a very successful Chef consultant  for Bombay Sandwich Company, Baazi NYC and Sigri NJ.