Adam Miganelli

Adam MiganelliAdam Miganelli



New York, NY

Adam Mignanelli was born in Providence Rhode Island and moved to New York City to pursue art and design careers. Adam heads up theMarketing  Design Team at Disney+ and also did so as the VP of Design at VICE, and Design directors in other agencies and brands over the years.   

Growing up in a food-centric Italian-American home, he began cooking at an early age, learning from his Mom and aunt, showing the ropes around classic American foods their mother grew up with, Rhode Island seafood specialties as well as all the old-world Italian recipes from their family and community.

Fast-forward a number of years, after relocating to New York, Adam let food guide them to new experiences and cultures. From Chinatown fish markets, shopping with his niece and. brother, to pastrami sandwiches, late-night eats and fine dining, NYC food inspires him.

Food has always brought the Mignanelli family together, and when moving to NYC, the Sunday dinner became a pillar in Adam's life. While prepping Sundays at the market, to chopping and watching chefs online and learning, he noticed food videos could be drawn out, not- approachable or too try hard. This is how Sizzle Vision started. 

Each Sunday Adam and family members along with various guests shoot real-time instagram stories peppered with eye-rolling one liners, GIFs and a bit of over-the-top decadence from time to time, in an approachable, fun and free-form video series. 

It's lo-fi, real and lacks the fluff and perfect sets...